music city series: Downtown Nashville

Welcome to the First Edition of the Music City Series! Anytime I have family or friends visit Nashville, I’m always asked the question, ”What should we do?” As Nashville continues to reopen, I want to share some of Nashville’s hottest restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping areas, etc. Be aware if you come to town soon, someContinue reading “music city series: Downtown Nashville”

the mom-shamers come out to play

Thanks to Coronavirus, people have been spending more and more time on social media. Some of these people have spent their time becoming more judgemental and hateful. I can’t turn on social media without seeing someone attacked for living their life. A recent victim to the mom-shamers is Maren Morris. Since Morris gave birth toContinue reading “the mom-shamers come out to play”

i’m REDNECKER than you

As mentioned in my “Tops of 2019” blog post, HARDY’s “HIXTAPE: Vol. 1” is one of my favorite albums. I was fortunate enough to attend his SOLD OUT show at Cannery Ballroom on February 20th. WHAT A NIGHT! Like most shows, I attended this one by myself. It’s usually easy for me to make friendsContinue reading “i’m REDNECKER than you”

how do you know if it’s fate?

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been single for the past four years. With failed attempts on dating apps and never meeting anyone in person, I’ve felt like I’ll never meet anyone. Of course, people say, “You’re only 22,” but I hoped I’d at least have a boyfriend by now. In the last few weeks,Continue reading “how do you know if it’s fate?”

tuesday night at the grand ole opry

Over the past few years, I have had the joy and honor of attending multiple Grand Ole Opry shows. Last year, I attended two performances, and this week, I got to participate in my first Grand Ole Opry show of 2020. During the performance on Tuesday, February 11th, I got to see Jeanie Seely, MaggieContinue reading “tuesday night at the grand ole opry”

podcasts: to listen or not to listen?

Since my Freshman year of college, I have made countless road trips from Nashville to my hometown in North Carolina. Many of these were spent jamming to my favorite tunes or new releases, but over the past few years, music just hasn’t cut it and when I get bored on the road, I get tired. Continue reading “podcasts: to listen or not to listen?”

the gaylord experience

The summer before my sophomore year of high school, I came to Nashville for the first time. My mom was attending a conference for work and I decided to tag along. It was the week Taylor Swift released “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and I didn’t know what to expect from this trip.Continue reading “the gaylord experience”